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In order to best meet your needs, it will be useful if you will complete the Registration Form so that we have some understanding of the requirements for each type of job, the approximate hours, the probable salary and any information you think is pertinent. If you would prefer to use your own format for communicating this information, or if you prefer to do so by telephone, we welcome that as well. While we will need to discuss these factors with potential foreign candidates, our experience is that these young people are extremely flexible, willing to perform a variety of duties, and to work as many hours as you may need.

New Department of State Regulations

Department of State has implemented new regulations for J1 Visa Program. The new pilot regulations have made it more difficult for citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries to obtain J1 visas. As a result, there will be fewer J1 visitors in the US this summer. We strongly recommend that all arrangements to hire J1 staff be done as early as possible. While some employers in the past relied on students walking in their businesses to apply for jobs, this may no longer the case. It is very likely that J1 students will be in a high demand this summer. Again, please contact us now to ensure you will be covered for your busy summer season!