Seasonal Hiring Programs

Summer Program

Students from many countries are coming on short 3-4 months term visa to experience American life and bring cultural diversity to US businesses. Students have some English communication skills that they are able to improve with the native language speakers in various environments.

Winter Program

College students from Southern American countries arrive in December and may remain until February or March. Winter resorts, hotels, stores or any other businesses can benefit from legally employing intelligent hard-working English-speaking students from Brazil, Argentina, Peru, and other countries.

Registration Form and Selection Process

  • Please let us know your requirements by filling out our Registration Form
  • We advertise your positions and will start looking for the right candidates for your firm. Please note that depending on the time of the year and your requirements, this may take up to sixty days. We do recommend that you register as soon as possible.
  • You receive resumes of our candidates and you will have three business days for your approval.
  • Upon your approval of each candidate, we ask you to sign a non-binding statement of intent to hire. This document is required by the State Department before they issue a J-1 Visa. However you may cancel your offer at any time.
  • The sponsoring organizations may contact you to verify your interest in hiring each of our candidates.
  • We keep you updated on the arrival dates of your foreign staff.
  • You can be sure that each worker has all the proper documents including work authorization.
  • We guarantee immediate response to any of your questions and we remain available to you as to any concerns.